Advanced Information on Dealing with Difficult People (DVD)


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For those of you who have viewed Dr. Crawford’s second PBS Special entitled, “From Chaos to Calm: Dealing with Difficult People Versus Them Dealing with You!” (or those who are just looking for new information on how to become more influential with others), you will enjoy this new DVD on difficult people and the brain. Taken from a recent keynote, this hour-long presentation incorporates all of the new information in Dr. Crawford’s, “Life from the Top of the Mind” system, and applies it to dealing with difficult people.

You will learn:
• How to determine what part of the brain a difficult person is coming from, and why giving them information doesn’t work.
• What part of our brain becomes engaged when dealing with a difficult person, and what we can do about this.
• How to engage the difficult person so that they shift from the resistant brain to the receptive brain where they can hear and understand what we are wanting them to know.

Bottom line, if you are tired of difficult people stressing you out, jerking your chain, or rattling your cage, and you want new information on how to become more influential with these people, this DVD is for you!

P.S. If you are wanting to use this DVD as an inservice or training, complete with handouts and instructor’s manual, see below.

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