“Your fan club continues to grow! The participants in our Summer Camp for Executive Directors gave you rave reviews. Your ability to analyze life’s complex problems and offer practical, actionable solutions is truly remarkable and your common-sense approach to managing one’s life and one’s organization is an inspiration. Thanks again!”

~ Ronnie Hagerty, Director, United Way of The Texas Gulf Coast


Doctor Crawford offers his services as a coach to anyone who wants to become more skilled at effective communication and leadership (i.e., more clear, confident, and creative), or just wants to become more recognized and respected for their skills and assets by those within their organization.

Session formats vary with individual needs, however, this sort of consistent support generally fits best in weekly or bimonthly sessions that are anywhere from an hour to two hours in length. These sessions can be conducted over the phone and/or Skype if desired.

These sessions can be conducted over the phone, and there is even an option of connecting between sessions by email, however, a face-to-face meeting is generally a good starting point.

While Dr. Crawford’s coaching clients will certainly benefit from his models on communication, clarity, confidence, etc., the process itself is VERY customized and VERY goal-oriented.

The best way to determine whether Dr. Crawford is the right coach for you is to talk to him and get a feel for the fit between his philosophy and your goals.


Dr. Crawford also sees individuals and couples in counseling. However, as with his other services, he doesn’t fit the mold of a “traditional therapist.” For example, clients describe his style as very interactive and conversational. He believes that those who choose to work with him are looking for more than a sympathetic ear, or a place where they can be heard and their feelings validated. While listening and validating feelings are sometimes important, Dr. Crawford feels that his clients are looking for a new perspective on whatever problem is troubling them.

Given this, he will make sure he understands your experience of the problem and any past experiences that may have contributed to the issue. He will then want to know what you want out of counseling, or how you want to be different as a result of working with him. From that point on, he will give you his best thoughts on how to accomplish this.

Of course, given that everything we think, do, say, and feel is influenced by how the brain processes information, Dr. Crawford will often share his philosophy on “Life from the Top of the Mind” and how this relates to both the problem and the solution. If you find this valuable, he will continue to allude to this perspective as yet another way of accomplishing your goals.

Regardless, however, he will always honor what resonates with you, and his goal will always be to talk himself out of a job, meaning that he will want you to leave this experience of working with him with a new perspective on achieving your goals, as well as practical tools you can apply in the future.

If this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, feel free to contact him to discuss your situation, or to set up an appointment.