“I have always been grateful when I have received a speaker recommendation from a colleague or professional who has worked with a presenter and seen him or her in action. Therefore, I wanted to let you know about an excellent speaker (Dr. Bill Crawford) that we have used at three of our national conferences.

Dr. Crawford holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Houston and is a licensed psychologist, as well as the author of seven books, which means he brings a high level of expertise and content to his topics. What makes him so effective as a speaker, however, is the way he translates this information into common language and presents it with energy and humor (in fact, our members keep telling us that his use of humor reminds them of Steve Martin!).

He brings a fresh, scientific perspective to the issues we all face on a daily basis (stress, communication, leadership, dealing with limited resources, diversity, bringing our best to our roles as professionals, etc.) which really seems to resonate with our members, and he has been able to apply this new information to a variety of formats including concurrent sessions, general sessions, and keynotes. This combination of unique content and engaging presentation style has resulted in our continuing to ask him back to speak at our national conferences, as well as his being booked to keynote at least ten of our state conferences. He will also be doing a workshop for our State Auxiliary Presidents at the American Hospital Association Annual meeting in Washington DC.

I can tell you from experience that he is a joy to work with, and has shown consistent flexibility with respect to fees and logistics, which I have greatly appreciated. If he sounds like someone you would be interested in, I encourage you to visit his website (www.billcphd.com) where you can learn more about his credentials, national press, track record, etc., and even view footage of his second nationally televised PBS special via YouTube!

Audrey Harris

Executive Director, Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals, Director, AHA Member Relations, American Hospital Association

“Thank you! You need to be nationally syndicated on TV. I would watch your show daily.”
Randall Fryman

Bowne of New York

“Dr. Bill Crawford, was our Keynote Speaker at both the 6th and 9th Global Compliance Solutions’ Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference in Grand Cayman.

The conference, is the largest of its type in the Caribbean region, and is attended by top-level management both locally and internationally in the Financial Services industry. Dr. Crawford was able to tie his expertise to what was important for our delegates, and it was a brilliant way to start the GCS conference! He captivated everyone with his informative, entertaining, and above all, relevant presentation. They truly appreciated Bill’s take on “Getting Others to Get It: Convincing Others of the Importance of Compliance”, as can be seen by the comments below:

  • “Excellent speaker — wish I had heard him before now”
  • “A lively and practical presentation”
  • “Informative and entertaining”
  • “Bill gave real points for dealing with people both on the job and personally”
  • “He got the audience involved. It was a great presentation”
  • “I enjoyed this presentation so much and it was so relevant to me!”
  • “What an informative approach to a difficult situation”
  • “Thought provoking, and at the same time informative”
  • “Very, very useful topic. I can definitely use this information!”
  • “I really liked the practical advice given”
  • “Informative topic — well presented”
  • “Excellent presentation and the information was very valuable”

While having a psychologist keynote a conference on compliance and anti-money laundering is not the norm, Dr. Crawford’s presentation was so well crafted, and presented in such an engaging manner that he turned out to be the perfect speaker to kick off our conference. I heartily recommend him to any conference planner looking for a dynamic opening or closing keynote speaker with a new perspective on dealing with others and bringing our best to life!”

Karen O'Brien

Managing Partner, Grand Cayman Global Compliance Solutions

“I am just taking the opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with your presentation of Dealing with Difficult People here at Fort Monmouth. The entire class, 100%, rated the course “Excellent” on our evaluation form. It simply does not get any better than that. Student comments are a virtual thesaurus of superlatives: knowledgeable, energetic, responsive, informative, articulate, motivational; and they wrote that they would “definitely” recommend the course to others.
Paul Drew, Organization Development Specialist

Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, US Army

“It was awesome! All persons that attended, including myself, have given his training on stress extremely high marks. I have taught a lot of classes over the years in my field and I was totally captivated the entire day. No one was bored and no one wanted to go home but wanted more.”
Brad Burger

Director, Smith County 9-1-1 Communications District

“I thought Dr. Crawford’s presentation was way off the charts! Although the entire conference was interesting, Dr. Crawford’s was by far the most useful! I look forward to buying his new book!”
Jan Riley

EEOC, Houston

“I think Dr. Crawford is a phenomenal speaker. I rarely get excited about speakers, instead I get excited about the topics. However, Dr. Crawford has changed that with his presentation at the EEOC conference. I never imagined that I would enjoy a topic, such as “Cultural Diversity” as I did that day. In fact, when I returned to my office I mentioned that I would like to pursue him as a speaker for any upcoming events that we may have in the future.”
Angela Yeager

Town Center Improvement District

“Wonderful, enlightening, powerful speech! Thank you.”
Patricia Dinger

Washington, DC

“Loved your vitality, enthusiasm, and information!”
James Schiff

Los Angeles, CA

“As our keynote speaker you gave an outstanding presentation that touched even the most cynical in the audience. In the 10 years we have been holding our conference, your presentation has resulted in more positive reactions than any other. I was especially impressed with the number of people who indicated that they were going to make positive changes in their lives. Your audience was not an easy one, and you really, really touched their lives. Thank you!”
Clare Dowdall

Director, American Lung Assoc. Southwest Region

“You were great! High energy and practical. I was looking for ‘real life’ responses, and you delivered. Thanks!”
Jim Crook

New York, NY

“Your presentation was the highlight of the conference! A great way to end the week!”
Mel Yanos

Kona, Hawaii

“All of your presentations have been great successes. I have been consistently impressed with the degree of audience participation and the manner in which your style and subject matter sparked interest in even the most “reserved” participants!”
M. Kathy Perry


“You are fabulous! Thanks for a wonderful, empowering, and uplifting presentation!”
Debbie Christopher

Memphis TN

“Great presentation! Stimulating, sensitive, powerful, humane.”
Pat Ruzica

St. Louis, MO

“I really enjoyed Dr. Bill’s talk. His energy is contagious. I am very excited to receive his quotes via email also. I think he has found an approach to life in general that will help me cope with the multiple stressors of life!”
Nicole Kirouac-Elke, NC

Winnipeg Children's Hospital, Manitoba, CANADA

“You were great! Law enforcement professionals found your presentation riveting, insightful, eye-opening, and extremely valuable, and these people are hard to please!”
Karen Williams

Resource Coordinator, Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network, Houston, TX

“Witty & humorous presentation that made the learning experience worthwhile.”
Holly Freeman

Orlando, FL

“Your fan club continues to grow! The participants in our Summer Camp for Executive Directors gave you rave reviews. Your ability to analyze life’s complex problems and offer practical, actionable solutions is truly remarkable and your commonsense approach to managing one’s life and one’s organization is an inspiration. Thanks again!”
Ronnie Hagerty

Director, United Way of The Texas Gulf Coast

“I want to take an opportunity to thank you for the time you spent with us here at Medical City. The reaction to your presentations has been wonderful! People are still talking about the “Training & Keeping Good Employees” seminar and many have sought me out to purchase your book! You offer a humorous, light, yet sensible and effective approach to difficult situations. We look forward to working with you in the future and continue to wish you much success!”
Jeanne Reeves, BS, RN

Director of Medical/Surgical Services, Medical City Dallas Hospital

“Very fun and informative! Great job! Difficult people are hard to deal with. Dr. Crawford taught us how to change the situations and attitudes, theirs and ours.” 
Laura Estrada

“Best class I’ve been to in a very long time! Informative – interesting – not boring – cool music. Could sit through class again!”
Emma L. Morin

“Really enjoyed the course. It was interesting from the time we arrived until it was over!! SUPER!”
Bobbie Holbrooks

“Course was interesting. The instructor was excellent. He encouraged a lot of participation. I really liked that he never used the podium. I would like for more of Bill’s classes offered in this area”.
Luvinia Kautz

“I really enjoyed this class. The course not only helped me at work but I will be able to use this in my all day life. I will live on purpose now”.
Margaret D. Golightly

“Was very knowledgeable and you made it very enjoyable. A lot of the topics I feel can be applied in everyday personal life, not just for work.”
Beverly Akin

“I really enjoyed your workshop. You have an amazing grasp of the material – your humor really helped keep my level of interest up. Good work. Thanks!”
Wayne Chester

“I really enjoyed the seminar. I have been to numerous seminars and yours is by far the best. I will always remember the lesson of the “fist” and LEAP.”
Jason Harper

“I really enjoyed this course. Please don’t change the way you teach it. You made it more interesting. Thank you!”
Paula Leal

“You’re great. Great seminar. Really know how to reach people. I’m motivated and wish there was more.”
Marcella Williams

“I very much enjoyed the workshop today. I saw every topic you explained as great separate topics. Then, on your last discussion, you tied in all together. I was amazed at how it all tied together.”
Cedlia Portwood

“The workshop was a great experience. I learned a lot and had much fun doing so. It takes a person like yourself to teach this type of class.”
Sal Rangel

“The presentation was excellent. Dr. Crawford was enthusiastic and was able to keep the attention of all attendees. Very informative and helpful to apply to situations in all walks of life. Thank you!”
Gail Otte

“Enjoyed your class very much. I was never bored or tired of listening. Exceptional presentation! Thank you!”
Sherry Ely

“Bill, I really enjoyed the way you formatted the class. I also commend your enthusiasm on the topic. Cultural diversity is a very important issue in all aspects of our lives.”
Roseanne Wisener

“I have enjoyed Dr. Crawford’s presentation and will be able to apply information received in everyday life, not just my occupation.”
Loretta Weichert

“The course content was very good. Learned a lot about myself, i.e., awareness of old habits, beliefs, etc., serenity, and mistakes.”
Vicki Brodbeck

“Very informative. Makes you stop and think about the many differences there are between people and cultures.”
Candy King

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I learned ways to look at my reactions that I had not thought of before and learned how to react to people and situations in a way that benefits everyone involved.”
Kathy Donovan

“This was a great class that everyone who is in the law enforcement profession could learn a lot from. One of the best instructors I have seen in a long time.”
Jeff James

“Really enjoyed the method you used. You made the workshop very interesting. Your mottos were a great help, also the folder you provided will be something we can go back to in the future. Again, great workshop. Job well done.”
Alicia Pena

“Great job! The models, drawings, and demonstrations really made the difference.”
Ginger Boren

“Great presenter! I enjoyed the topics and the reminders of how I should do my job and why I continue to stay in my career. We are all responsible for our beliefs, actions and should take responsibility for our lives.”
Sheri van der Zander

“People like you make my job(s) so much easier. As an instructor myself, I see a lot of myself as an instructor in you. If I am reaching my students in the same manner in which you are reaching me, then I feel very good about myself as an instructor. Thanks!”
Frances Fisher

“The class was very good. Looking forward to trying to use the information and knowledge back at work. ‘OUTSTANDING’ THANKS.”
Charles Gholar

“You gave me a lot of new ideas to take back, not only professionally, but personally. You are a very interesting and entertaining speaker. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my coworkers.”
Sandra K Mata

“Very informative – a lot of fun – kept my attention – great class!”
Rene Bunch

“Excellent course – very informative. Excellent job of keeping it interesting and fun!”
Carla Burress

“The course was informative and very entertaining. You have a way of making us feel appreciated and valued not only as people but at our jobs. This doesn’t happen very often.”
Michelle Clark

“The class was great. Words cannot express how much this class helped me not only with my job but also with my teenage Sunday school class. Thanks again!”
Ron Owens

“Very entertaining. Brought to light many items that are common sense and should be in the forefront of our minds but sometimes slip through the cracks.”
Bill Mullins

“You remind me of Steve Martin! Informative, yet entertaining.”
Bonnie Johnson

“I really did enjoy your seminar. I have been to several and this has to have been one of the best.”
Tonya Frazier

“Your seminar was very energetic, informative and presented very clearly. I believe I can now relate better to the public, offer more assistance and how to have more patience. Thanks!”
Cathy Grassman

“Thank you for your insightful class. This is especially helpful to myself as I know it would be to many others.”
Tony Ramski

“Enjoyed the class very much. Found the information presented very helpful with stressful calls and situations and even every day life.”
Deedra M. Page

“Very energetic, full of enthusiasm. Enjoyed all lectures. Look forward to applying all approaches. Thanks!”
Shannon Tuttoilmondo

“Excellent, exciting, high energy presenter. He is interested in ensuring the participant understands and has learned material.”
Deborah Lane

“Thanks for giving us this day. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn other ways to deal with work and others in my life.”
Nancy C. Kennedy

“I really enjoyed the seminar. Something really important that I learned I know that we are in control of our emotions, no one else causes us to feel a certain way.”
Kevin Hall

“Dr. Crawford’s training is excellent. Taking power and control over our own lives is something we all struggle to do. The information provided us a very complete picture of the issues and the process to attach (or practice) it. The course is very much worthwhile for anyone.”
Greg Grigg

“I thought this a very positive and valuable presentation. The instructor was very entertaining.”
Karen MacDonald

“I think the class was great. It not only helps you deal w/ problems at work but also with everyday situations.”
Kelly Castillo

“Bill is a very interesting motivational speaker and instructor. I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot of things to take with me in my job and life. I would like to see him come back at any time.”
Wesley Hicks

“I enjoyed the class a lot. It gave me information to work with that I will be able to apply to daily living.”
Tonya Grimes

“Loved this class. First time I actually learned something in a stress management class.”
Carolyn Tanner

“Thank you for coming back. Once again it was very informative and enjoyable. Great lessons for life.”
Shelly Cantrell

“Very interesting and helpful information for handling people, whether in the workplace or the calls we take.”
Betty Davis

“Dr. Crawford is an excellent instructor. The information he gave us is very helpful to me and will be good when applied to my life.”
Linda Brown

“Worthwhile/uplifting, fresh!”
Charlotte Durdem

“Very interesting and thought provoking”.
Cindy Montera

“Lots of real life information than can be used and applied to daily patient care. Excellent speaker, kept the audience involved.”
Carol Pierce

“This presentation has been helpful for me for dealing with difficult people in my workplace and I’ll apply what I’ve learned with our customers.”
Catherine Trainor

“Super! Your humor really helped me realize how to overcome being overwhelmed! Thanks! You have great talent as a speaker!”

“The most useful seminar on “stress” I have been to. Thanks!”

“Thank You! Very inspiring. One of the best I’ve ever attended. Very practical and useful.”

“Loved it! Very informative and entertaining.”

“Fantastic info that was helpful.”