“Dr. Bill Crawford, was our Keynote Speaker at both the 6th and 9th Global Compliance Solutions’ Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference in Grand Cayman. While having a psychologist keynote a conference on compliance and anti-money laundering is not the norm, Dr. Crawford’s presentation was so well crafted, and presented in such an engaging manner that he turned out to be the perfect speaker to kick off our conference. I heartily recommend him to any conference planner looking for a dynamic opening or closing keynote speaker with a new perspective on dealing with others and bringing our best to life!”

~ Karen O’Brien – Managing Partner, Grand Cayman Global Compliance Solutions

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Asheville, NC

Amarillo, TX

Anaheim, CA

Appleton, WI

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Baltimore, MD

Banff, Canada

Baton Rouge, LA

Berkley, CA

Billings, MT

Birmingham, AL

Bismark, ND

Boise, ID

Boston, MA

Bountiful, UT

Bramton, Ontario

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Buffalo, NY

Cabo San Lucas

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Carnegie Mellon University

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Relativity School for the Performing Arts

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Wright State University

2017 Speaking Schedule


Jan. 5th, Livermore, CA
Jan. 6th, Berkley, CA
Jan. 10th, Ft. Worth, TX
Jan. 12th, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 13th, Sacramento, CA
Jan. 17th, Omaha, NE
Jan. 18th, Omaha, NE
Jan. 19th Omaha, NE
Jan. 25th, Dallas, TX
Jan. 31st, Houston, TX


Feb. 2nd, Napa, CA
Feb. 6th, San Bernardino, CA
Feb. 7th, San Bernardino, CA
Feb. 10th, Amarillo, TX
Feb. 14th, Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 15th, Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 16th, Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 17th, Dayton, OH
Feb. 21st, Houston, TX
Feb. 27th, Richmond, VA
Feb. 28th, Richmond, VA


March 3rd, New Orleans, LA
March 8th, Long Island, NY
March 13th, Minneapolis, MN
March 14th, Minneapolis, MN
March 15th, West Palm Beach, FL
March 16th, Washington DC
March 25th, San Marcos, TX


April 4th, Sacramento, CA
April 5th, Sacramento, CA
April 11th, Dallas, TX
April 12th, Dallas, TX
April 13th, Dallas, TX
April 18th, Louisville, KY
April 20th, Calgary, AB
April 21st, San Jose, CA
April 28th, Cincinnati, OH


May 4th, Woodlands, TX
May 5th, Houston, TX
May 16th, Atlanta, GA
May 19th, San Diego, CA
May 24th, Orange County, CA
May 26th, Woodlands, TX


June 2nd, Houston, TX
June 7th Austin, TX
June 13th, Vancouver, BC
June 14th, Orange County, CA
June 15th, Orange County, CA
June 20th, Milwaukee, WI
June 21st, Milwaukee, WI
June 22nd, Milwaukee, WI
June 23rd, Milwaukee, WI
June 28th Billings, MT


July 12th, San Diego, CA
July 17th, Dallas, TX
July 18th, Lone Tree, CO
July 25th, Houston, TX
July 25th Oceanside, CA


August 3rd, Denver, CO
August 9th, Houston, TX
August 10th, Houston, TX
August 16th, Portland OR
August 17th, Portland OR
August 18th, Portland OR
August 19th, Portland OR
August 23rd, Columbus, OH
August 24th, Columbus, OH
August 29th, Houston, TX


Sept. 9th, University of Oklahoma, OK
Sept. 10th, University of Oklahoma, OK
Sept. 12th, Baltimore, MD
Sept. 13th, Baltimore, MD
Sept. 14th, Toronto, Canada
Sept. 20th, Boston, MA
Sept. 21st, Boston, MA
Sept. 22nd, Kelowna, Canada
Sept. 26th, Omaha, NE
Sept. 27th, Cedar Rapids, IA
Sept. 28th, Dallas, TX
Sept. 29th, Houston, TX


Oct. 3rd, Seattle, WA
Oct. 4th, Seattle, WA
Oct. 5th, Seattle, WA
Oct. 6th, Seattle, WA
Oct. 7th, Monument, CO
Oct. 9th, Park City, Utah
Oct. 11th, Houston, TX
Oct. 13th, Monterey, CA
Oct. 18th, Cleveland, OH
Oct. 20th, Seattle, WA
Oct. 21st, Las Vegas NV
Oct. 24th, Houston, TX
Oct. 27th, Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 30th, Houston, TX


Nov. 1st, Buffalo, NY
Nov. 3rd, Houston, TX
Nov. 8th, New York, NY
Nov. 9th, New York, NY
Nov. 10th, Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 11th Sedona, AZ
Nov. 14th, Atlanta, GA
Nov. 15th, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 16th, Chicago, IL
Nov. 18th, Banff, Canada
Nov. 30th, Chicago, IL


Dec. 5th, Whitefish, MT
Dec. 8th, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dec. 11th, Calgary, AB
Dec. 12th, Calgary, AB
Dec. 13th, Edmonton, AB
Dec. 15th, Dickenson, ND
Dec. 19th, Houston, TX

2018 Speaking Schedule


Jan. 9th, New Orleans, LA
Jan. 10th, New Orleans, LA
Jan. 12th, Lake Louise, Canada
Jan 17th, Santa Anna, CA
Jan. 18th, Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 19th, Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 31st, Houston, TX


Feb. 1st, Houston, Tx
Feb. 6th, Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 8th San Antonio, TX
Feb. 13th, Houston, TX
Feb. 14th, Houston, TX


March 15th, Regina, Canada
March 20, Monterey, CA
March 21, Monterey, CA
March 22, Monterey, CA


April 9th, Branson, MO
April 11th, Los Angeles, CA
April 17th, Columbus, SC
April 18th, Columbus, SC
April 23rd, Dallas, TX
April 28th, Cabo San Lucas


May 8th, Louisville, KY
May 9th, Louisville, KY
May 10th, Louisville, KY
May 11th, Louisville, KY
May 16th, Denver, CO
May 17th, Denver, CO
May 18th, Denver, CO


June 12th, San Francisco, CA
June 13th, San Francisco, CA
June 14th, San Francisco, CA
June 20th, Milwaukee, WI
June 22nd, Bountiful, UT


July 10th, New York, NY
July 13th, Denver, CO
July 19th, Charlotte, NC
July 20th, Charlotte, NC
July 24th, Edmonton, Alberta


August 8th, Dallas, TX
August 9th, Dallas, TX
August 15th, Anaheim, CA
August 17th, San Clemente, CA
August 21st, Seattle, WA
August 22nd, Seattle, WA
August 23rd, Seattle, WA


Sept. 11th, Eugene, OR
Sept. 13th, Houston, TX
Sept. 18th, Charlotte, SC
Sept. 19th, Charlotte, NC
Sept. 20th, Charlotte, NC
Sept. 25th, GreenBay, WI
Sept. 26th, Appleton, WI
Sept. 27th, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 28th, TEC Retreat, TBD


Oct. 9th, Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 10th, Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 11th, Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 12th, Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 17th, Portland, OR
Oct. 18th, Portland, OR
Oct. 19th, Portland, OR
Oct. 20th, Portland, OR


Nov. 8th, Calgary, Alberta
Nov. 13th, Reno, NV
Nov. 14th, Reno, NV
Nov. 15th, Reno, NV
Nov. 23rd, Winnipeg, Canada


Dec. 4th, Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 5th, Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 6th, Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 11th Chicago, IL
Dec. 12th Chicago, IL
Dec. 13th Chicago, IL
Dec. 18th Cleveland, OH
Dec. 19th Cleveland, OH
Dec. 20th Cleveland, OH
Dec. 21st Cleveland, OH

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