“Dr. Crawford has worked with my family and my family’s family with great success. He connects with every member in a way that has them feeling heard and understood, and then teaches new information on the science of emotion that allows everyone to let go of the past. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to break the cycle of conflict and create a family that is both effective in solving problems, as well as one that they will be proud to pass on to the next generation.”

~ Ash Kumar – CEO & Founder, Ashford Communities, Houston, TX”

From Discord to Discourse: Helping Families and Family Businesses Heal the Past and Create a More Purposeful Future

We all know that having good relationships with those we love can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. And, when this revolves around a family business, sharing successes with those we love can make the experience even sweeter.

However, when there is strife, broken relationships, or bad blood in a family or family business, the hurt can go deeper, and the negative ramifications for this generation and the next can be far worse.

This is where an objective professional with the training and skill to understand all perspectives and create a path forward is essential. In other words, simply creating a list of family values or a family mission statement is often not enough to overcome the deep-seated mistrust and resentment that has inhibited family harmony, rational discourse, and effective problem-solving for so long.

In my work as a psychologist and a seminar leader, I have worked with families, leadership teams, and other groups for over 35 years. My approach is unique in that I help families move past the hurt, resentment, anger, and suspicion by understanding the neuroscience behind these emotions, and giving them concrete tools for managing these negative reactions. Once each member of the family is taking responsibility for what they bring to the table, I teach a model of communication that minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes the important connections that only exist between a few people in our lives.

Will this be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

My goal is to help families create a legacy that they can be proud to pass on to the next generation. In other words, if our love for our children and grandchildren is stronger than our anger and resentment, then change can happen.

If you would like this for your family, feel free to contact me… because, until we make the family that we are creating and passing on to future generations more important than the family that has been created by the disagreements and hurt feelings of the past, we will continue to destroy one of the most important aspects of life.

Bill Crawford, Ph.D.