“Dr. Crawford’s presentation was the highlight of the conference and a much needed reminder for all of us (especially nurses) to keep it all balanced. Bill’s psychology background surely protruded through his messages and I know it was well-received by all!”

Nancy Perovic, RN, BSN
University Of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, IL

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These featured articles are designed for those looking for more information
on living a “Life from the Top of the Mind”. ~ Enjoy!

Clarity, Confidence, & Creativity: Life from the Top of the Mind

Everyone has heard the statistics… 75% of professionals describe their lives as “very stressful.” Therefore, as a psychologist and speaker, I try to do more than just give people “stress management” techniques or coping methods. Instead, I first show my audiences and individual clients why so much of the advice about how to deal with these problems will never work, and then give them new information and a step-by-step system for accessing their clarity, confidence, and creativity even in the most difficult situations.  Read more…

Change and The Natural Law of Cycles

All problems (and solutions) present themselves as a cycle of cause and effect. When this cycle is negative, there are three ways to change. You can change the cause, change the effect, or choose the most powerful option … become the cause!  Read more…

A Radical Approach to Being Laid Off: When Just Surviving Just Isn’t Good Enough!

Everyone knows that being laid off can negatively affect one’s health and well-being. Feelings of rejection, being unfairly treated, and fear of the future can lead to stress, resentment, and anger, which can create health problems such as ulcers, headaches, insomnia, and of course, depression. What everyone doesn’t know, however, is that these problems could be minimized if we just knew what was really going on “under the hood,” or what happens in our brain and our body that triggers these negative physical, mental and emotional reactions. Read more…

The Difference between Dealing with Stress and Grieving a Shattered Dream: A Two Part Article

All connections are infused with dreams of what is possible in the future. Thus, when we lose something or someone important to us, we aren’t just grieving the loss, we are grieving the shattered dream.” Read more…

Dr. Bill Gets “Tested” in Greece

“In school, you get the lesson and then take the test… in life, you take the test and then get the lesson.”

This is the story of a very valuable lesson I learned while on vacation with my wife and two sons. The trip was almost perfect. I say almost because on our next to last day in Greece, while riding from the port of Piraeus to Athens (packed into a metro subway car) amongst other travelers returning from the islands, I had my wallet stolen by a group of professional pickpockets. Read more…

Dr. Bill’s Colonoscopy

“Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the decision that what we want is more important than what we are afraid of.” – Bill Crawford

I thought I would write a few words about a procedure I went through with the hopes that this information might be of value to others who may be considering a colonoscopy, but have put it off due to their concerns about the experience. I probably should start by letting you know that at the time of this writing, I was 57 years old with no symptoms that might indicate any problems in that area. However, I do have a family history of cancer of all types (both of my parents died of cancer within about six months of each other when I was 21 years old) Like many others, I have been told that having a colonoscopy would be a good idea for quite some time and… like many others, I had “just never gotten around to making it happen.” Read more…

Golf from the Top of the Mind

We all know that even though we love the game, golf is an exacting sport that can be somewhat frustrating at times. Slices, hooks, penalty strokes, blown putts, repeated bunker shots, etc., can easily turn what was supposed to be a relaxing event with our fellow golfers into an exasperating experience that often has many among us questioning why we keep paying good money to subject ourselves to this sort of frustration. Read more…

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