"Dr. Crawford's master class was simply life changing. I feel like I'm already approaching the way I handle stress completely differently, and it hasn't even been a week since the class!"
~ Texas State University Student

“Dr. Crawford’s master class was simply life changing. I feel like I’m already approaching the way I handle stress completely differently, and it hasn’t even been a week since the class!”
~ Texas State University Student

College Students Review Dr. Crawford’s Presentation on Stress and Anxiety

Reviews from students and faculty:

“Life reaches out to you at the craziest times in the most wonderful ways. For the past few weeks, I have been lost and searching for guidance. When Dr. Crawford came and talked to us, I felt like he had specifically designed this lecture for my life. I sat in that room absolutely infatuated with what he had to say and the wisdom he gave us. I think that his class is one that should be heard by people everywhere. I feel inspired to change my life, to change my connections, to connect deeper, to let go of things and people causing me pain, and to realize fully the important aspects of my life. This class truly changed my life, and I don’t say that often.
Elizabeth Brady
Texas State University

“Dr. Crawford, I wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing gift you gave to our Musical Theater students at Rider University with your workshop on stress and life. The student’s responses the next day in class were so positive. It was also reconfirming that the workshop you gave was important not just to our students, but also our faculty. It opened so many conversations between the students and faculty. Inspiring, fun, informative… a necessity for any young artists, and especially helpful to our young artists in school. Looking forward to your new book and how your research continues. Thank you!”
Robin Lewis
Department of Theater and Dance, Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University

“On Saturday, September 6th, 2014, my life was changed. Dr. Bill Crawford came in and handed me the essentials to living life on a silver platter. As an 18-year-old freshman who struggles with time management, stress has been a familiar plague that I thought was always going to be a part of my life. I had accepted that I would never outgrow those frantic episodes of panic where my judgment blurred and everything seemed to be caving in. But Dr. Crawford disagreed. He laid out a simple, step by step process on how to get your mind to slow down and think rationally, asserting that stress was not in the situation, but in my brain’s way of receiving information. He presented a series of four questions that, due to their simple complexity, would actually require my neocortex to activate and answer, putting my rash brainstem out of a job! And, once the new habits have been formed, I can think more clearly about how to manage my time, reducing the amount of triggers, and, in turn, reducing the chance of being stressed. It’s an upward spiral!”
Anna Uzele
Texas State University

“Dr. Crawford – Thank you for your fantastic lecture. I came with no expectations and left with pages of notes. It was eye-opening to learn about the science behind so many relaxation techniques and inspirational quotes. The very next day, in fact, I caught myself stuck in the limbic system and worked my way out. Thanks for the amazing tools.”
Stephen Brower
Texas State University

“Dr. Crawford has given me an invaluable gift—a way to communicate with my students and help them deal with things they are struggling with on a daily basis. I am a better teacher and a more effective mentor because of what I’ve learned from Bill Crawford.”
Jim Price
Head of Dramatic Writing, Texas State University

“When I first invited Dr. Bill Crawford to speak to the theater department at Texas State, I knew there was a real need for students in the arts to learn better ways to manage their stress and anxiety. What I couldn’t imagine, however, was the powerful impact this master class would have on our students, and even our program. Not only were the students thoroughly engaged from the beginning, to this day they continue to rave at how much they learned, and the degree to which this material has not only helped them deal with stress, but actually changed their lives. I want to personally thank Dr. Crawford for sharing his unique philosophy with our students and faculty, and I applaud his efforts to support other programs and young artists around the country.”
Laura Lane
Head of Acting, Texas State University

“I had a mind-blowing experience in Dr. Crawford’s master class this past weekend. I kept telling everyone that it is the One Voice of stress relief because it was so revolutionary, but made so much sense at the same time. I was so amazed to learn why we get stuck in our brainstem, then find it nearly impossible to move into our neocortex. In addition, I found it so interesting that the neocortex is responsible for so many important traits, one of which is creativity. This really resonated with me because I have struggled with my creativity and confidence in certain types of auditions. I also really appreciate Dr Crawford taking the time to understand what we go through with respect to auditions, rehearsals, and callbacks on top of all of our school work!”
Julia Estrada
Texas State University

~ All the best, Dr. Bill