"Our frame of mind is determined by our frame of reference… best to create both of these by choice versus by chance."
~ Bill Crawford

“Our frame of mind is determined by our frame of reference… best to create both of these by choice versus by chance.” ~ Bill Crawford

Our Frame of Mind = Our Frame of Reference

For those looking to become more influential in their lives and the lives of others, understanding the power of a frame of reference can be a powerful tool. Why? Because this controls everything!.

Specifically, this is about how our middle brain or limbic system (the scanner, processor, router part of the brain) interprets the data it receives from our 5 senses. Babies have very limited frames of reference because they have not accumulated enough data to reference. However, they don’t have an expectation that they should be able to understand everything that is happening within them and around them, and therefore, they are not especially troubled by this lack of information. Their job is to soak up information based upon their experiences which then creates frames of reference that last into adulthood.

This is great when their experiences are generally positive. They grow up with a view (a frame of reference) of themselves as worthy and even lovable which allows them to see others in this way as well. However, if a child’s experience is one that has him or her questioning their value or the value of others, then this becomes their frame of reference as adults.

Of course, none of us had perfect childhoods, and therefore, we all have some frames of reference that were created by chance versus choice. Our job, therefore, if we want to be the captain of our own ship is to become aware of how our past has shaped our view of the present, and then choose the perspectives we want to hold on to, and those we want to change.

The criteria for these choices should be two-fold. One, does my frame of reference of perspective of (difficult people, traffic, difficult situations, etc.) support me in bringing my best to life? And, two, would I recommend that those I love also see these situations and the world in this way?

When the answer to those questions is “Yes,” then how we see life is serving us well and we need to do nothing to change it. If, however, the answer is “No,” then this will require that we choose new frames of reference if we are committed to defining who we are in a way we would recommend to those we love.

Easier said than done? Absolutely! And yet, this will be critical to us becoming more influential in our lives and the lives of others. Therefore, I have created a system that helps people make these changes based upon the latest brain science. I show people how to train the scanner, processor, router part of the brain to interpret data in such a way that it engages the clear, confident, creative brain versus the anxious, frustrated, angry brain, and then make those new frames of references permanent so that this becomes second nature.

I call this new system, “Life from the Top of the Mind,” I have written a book about it and I have the pleasure of going around the world teaching this system or framework to individuals and organizations. If this is something you feel would benefit you and/or your organization, I suggest you contact me. Because until we take charge of the way we view the world, our frame of mind will be dominated by a frame of reference that we wouldn’t recommend to someone we love.

~ All the best, Dr. Bill