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How to Get Kids to Do What You Want! – Unabridged Audio Book (Downloadable Audio File)


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For those of you who are too busy raising your kids and living your life to read, Dr. Crawford has recorded an unabridged version of his popular book “How to Get Kids To Do What You Want!” Not only will this have your children paying more attention to you and following your instructions but it will also allow you to teach them the qualities and characteristics you want them to have as adults!

Topics addressed include:

• Breaking the Power Struggle
• Dealing with Bedtime
• Sibling Rivalry and Fighting
• Homework
• Back Talk
• Teenagers
• And Even “Grown Children” (which Dr. Bill calls an oxymoron)

Therefore, if you don’t have time to read a book because you are too busy trying to get your kids to do what you want, you can now listen to Dr. Bill give you all his tips and secrets.