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Parenting the Young Artist (Softcover Book)


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“Parenting The Young Artist” is designed to give parents who are helping those they love follow their dreams, and do so in a way that not only prepares them for the challenges of a career in the arts, but also creates a foundation for a loving, adult-to-adult relationship that can last forever.

“In my role as Head of Musical Theater at Texas State University, I have the pleasure of working closely with the parents of young artists. I am thrilled that Dr. Bill Crawford has created a book for this population. Dr. Crawford has had a tremendous impact on the emotional/mental health of our students with his masterclass and book, “Freeing The Artistic Mind,” and now he has adapted his philosophy to address the special challenges faced by parents with children in the arts. This is a must read for families who love and support young artists following their dreams.” ~ Kaitlin Hopkins – Head of Musical Theater – Texas State University

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